Month: March 2015

Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Risk of hearing loss increasing: experts

Increasing exposure to damaging sound levels in recreational areas and the unsafe use of personal audio devices are putting Cambodians, especially teenagers and young adults, at a high risk of hearing loss, health experts said yesterday. In a statement issued on Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that at least 1.1 billion teenagers and […]

Malaysia police stop Sunday service over complaints of “Noise”

PETALING JAYA – Policemen stopped a Sunday service at a church which mostly catered to Indonesians in Kajang after they received complaints from the public about the “noise”. However, the service was allowed to continue after the policemen told the pastor Nelson Sembiling that they would return with the letters of complaints. Sembiling, who is […]

The Need for Noise-Control

The Need for Noise-Control Health and safety is often thought of in terms of rogue sharp edges, hazardous walkways, stairway bannisters, or ensure the nuts and bolts of the company are all safe and sound and where they need to be. However, there is one aspect of health and safety that is seldom thought about, […]

noise barriers for LTA in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (Jan 15) announced it had awarded a contract to install 3.5 km of noise barriers at nine locations to CKT Thomas. This is the second contract under Phase 1 awarded by LTA, and the noise barriers will be implemented in Clementi, Eunos and Lakeside after designs and […]

India: Amra Marg may get noise barriers soon

Navi Mumbai: After constant complaints by residents and several failed attempts, the civic body may finally install noise barriers on Amra Marg in Belapur. The plan, which was conceptualized three years ago, failed to take off after companies, which bid to install these barriers, quoted prices exceeding the budgetary allocation. In 2011-12, Navi Mumbai Municipal […]

Fed-Up Chinese Residents Blast Dancing Grannies With $42,000 Sound System

Where verbal abuse, sand and buckets of human waste have failed, a warning message blasted over and over again through a $41,900 speaker system appears to have succeeded. Aggrieved residents in the coastal Chinese city of Wenzhou declared victory this week after successfully routing packs of public dancers that had been gathering in a nearby […]

Jakarta Campaigns for Quieter Mosques

CAIRO – The Indonesian government has launched a new campaign to reduce noise from mosque amplifiers, promising to improve the sound quality of worshipping houses sound systems, the Jakarta Post reported on Sunday, January 27. “Imagine if the preacher is Quraish Shihab, but [a bad sound system affected] the message. What a loss,” Jusuf Kalla, […]

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