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Nor1216 Outdoor microphone for permanent installations

The Outdoor Microphone Nor1216 is a measurement microphone for all-weather conditions. It is mainly for permanent outdoor applications, but may also be used for temporary applications.

The microphone system is well protected from rain, snow, dust and insects, satisfying IP 55 requirements.

  • Outdoor microphone for community and aircraft noise
  • Horizontal or vertical reference direction set by external frequency correction
  • Fulfils IEC 60651, IEC 61672 class 1 and ANSI S1.4 type 1 (frequency correction applied)
  • Protection class IP 55 (dust and water)
  • Easy to calibrate with a normal ½” sound calibrator
  • Powered from sound level meter Nor140
  • Microphone verification by SysCheck facility
  • Low self noise – typically below 17 dB, A-weighted
  • Delivered with individually calibration certification
  • Build in heating for enhanced weather protection

Further, compared to a standard measurement microphone, the Outdoor Microphone Nor1216 improves the measurement accuracy by reducing the wind noise and by improving the directional response for sound from different directions.

Combined with the sound level instrument like Nor140 powered by the external DC (or mains) supply, the outdoor microphone Nor1216 satisfy Class 1 specification requirements according to IEC61672-1 and related national standards.

The microphone is intended for vertical mounting only since the act of gravitation forms a part of the rain protection system. The reference direction may, however, be selected to be vertical or horizontal based on the applied frequency compensation.

The Outdoor Microphone may be calibrated with a normal sound calibrator suitable for ½” working standard microphones (WS2) without the need for extra accessories. Access to the microphone cartridge is easily gained by dismounting the upper part of the microphone.

The base of the Outdoor Microphone Nor1216 is made of an electrical insulating material. The microphone body will be fully insulated from the mounting mast thereby reducing pick-up of electrical hum and noise.

For verification of proper operation, the microphone is equipped with a system check facility, where an electrical signal applied on one of the terminals are returned after passing through the complete signal chain, thus verifying proper operation of the microphone cartridge, preamplifier and microphone cable.

The Outdoor Microphone Nor1216 is equipped with the standard 7-pin Lemo connector and may plug directly into the sound level meter instrument Nor140 by the use of a standard microphone cable.

Directional respons


Acoustic performance:IEC 60651, IEC 61672 class 1 and ANSI S1.4 type 1 (frequency correction applied) with a suitable instrument (Nor140)
Max sound pressure level:>140 dB peak
Microphone chartidge:Nor1227 (1/2” 50 mV/Pa). Optionally Nor1225.
Polarization voltage:0 volt (Nor1227); 200V (Nor1225)
Inherent noise:< 17 dB A-weighted
Reference direction:Vertical or horizontal dependent on the applied frequency correction
Ingress protection category:IP55 according to IEC 60529
Supply voltage:±14 volt to ±16 volt
Connector:7 pin Lemo type 1B male
Temperature range:-40ºC to +85ºC
Height:375 mm (without tripod adapter)
Diameter:Approx 70 mm with windshield
Weight:280 g (without tripod adapter)
Mounting thread:Standard 1” pipe threads according to ISO 228.When using the tripod adapter: 3/8” UNC

Accessories and spare parts

Windshield upper part:Nor4529
Assembled upper part with windscreen:Nor4560
Microphone preamplifier:Nor1209A
Sound calibrator:Nor1251 or Nor1253
Microphone cable:Nor1408A Standard lengths 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 meters –other lengths on request. Dummy microphone: Nor1447 with a short-circuit.
Nor1216 Outdoor microphone for permanent installations
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