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Noise barriers for PIE stretch Singapore

Noise barriers for PIE stretch Singapore

Noise barriers will be tested for the first time along an “at-grade” section of an expressway next year.
The 6m-high barriers will run for about 400m along the edge in each direction of the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) next to Swiss View and Greenbank Park.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is calling a tender today and work will start next year.

“The location was selected because this stretch of the PIE has recently been widened, bringing the carriageway closer to residents,” LTA said.

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP Sim Ann said she has been pushing for noise barriers for the residents living next to the PIE.

“Among the neighbourhoods I look after, the Swiss View and Greenbank Park areas have been the most exposed to heightened traffic noise, and I welcome the fact that noise barriers will be installed at these locations first… LTA has heard us,” said Ms Sim.

The transport authority said the project will help to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing noise barriers along at-grade sections of expressways.

Unlike viaducts and flyovers, at-grade sections often have roadside trees, lamp posts, signs, drains and uneven terrain – all of which can prevent construction of barriers, or limit their effectiveness, said LTA.

Since last year, the LTA has been testing the use of noise barriers. These were installed along Anak Bukit Flyover last October and LTA is also building them along West Coast Highway near Block 44, Telok Blangah Drive, and the new flyover along Braddell Road, near Block 138, Bishan Street 12.

“While these noise barriers are not intended nor designed to completely block out traffic noise, the trial will… allow for an evaluation of overall effectiveness and visual impact of such barriers,” LTA said.

LTA will also test the use of a low-noise road surfacing. It will study whether the inclusion of materials such as latex and rubber in the current asphalt mix can help to reduce traffic noise, which comes mainly from the friction between vehicle tyres and the road surface.

The durability of the new road surfacing will also be evaluated. Development of the new surfacing is expected to start next year.

Noise barriers for PIE stretch Singapore
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